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We celebrated our 2nd anniversary this past week with a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas! I never would have thought to go to this tiny little town but my parents suggested it and I am so glad they did.

We stay at sweet little bed and breakfast called Bartee Meadows. Hu and Vista were the best inn keepers and highly recommend staying here if you ever get the chance to go. We stayed in the cottage out back and it was nestled away in the woods. We had our own hot tub and had a wonderful breakfast both mornings. It was absolutely the most perfect relaxing weekend.

Downtown we headed to The Winery. We did a nice tasting (for free!) and bought a couple of bottles to enjoy. We walked a lot and checked out some cute little shops. The first night we ate dinner at Angel’s Italian. It was delicious! The building are so old and cute. That added great ambiance.

Sunday we headed to Quapaw Bathhouse. It was amazing. From the heated floors to the private bath you couldn’t go wrong. We enjoyed a massage, facial, and foot treatment. We then got to have a private soak in the mineral hot springs water. So nice!

We drove through the national forest and got some awesome photos from the top. What a beautiful site! We had lunch at Rolando’s. It was some awesome Ecuadorian food. Talk about good! And the presentation was beautiful. We rested that afternoon with some naps and reading. Two things that don’t happen very much these days! It was heavenly. We finished the night at the Ohio Club. We enjoyed some wings and burgers and some live music. Pretty great!! We also had a chance to chat with Hu and Vista. They told us some history of the Ohio Club and a little bit about their story. It was neat.

All in all we had such a nice, quiet, restful weekend. Hot Springs was the perfect December weekend getaway. Anyone looking for a quaint little place to get some R&R should check it out!

On to the next adventure!


Travelin’ Tiffany

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