Where To Begin…

I can’t believe or wait I can believe it’s been 2 months since my last post. I HATE writing that bc I love writing to y’all and I hate that it has gotten harder and harder for me to find the time. Just when you think you have it figured out a curve ball is thrown your way. I am tired. And that is an understatement. My amazing husband let me escape way for a “Me Date” tonight and for that I am grateful. I am enjoying the back patio of Starbucks and remembering how I used to enjoy this type of thing often. And not I can’t recall the last time. I have an amazing 8 month old little boy who has stolen my heart. He is such a happy, busy boy and I am beyond blessed. Just thinking of him brings tears to my eyes. I do not deserve such a gift. But, I will gladly accept it! He still is not sleeping through the night and oh I wish he was! This mama is exhausted and I am beginning to see it in all areas of my life. It starts with sleeping a little later bc you can, and then you skip your morning devotions (never the coffee part though), and then you get to busy with laundry, cleaning, a screaming baby, that you run out of time to exercise. Sometimes you even forget to eat. But, never forget the coffee. LOL And then before you know it your husband is coming in the door from work and you have no idea how it’s already that time. I have been feeling such a heavy burden lately of how my life is being lived. This has been a big year. Moving to Nashville, having our first baby. A lot has changed and it’s a lot to adjust too. I often tell myself I need to catch up bc I feel so behind with all the changes that I have been through in a short time. I know a baby changes everything and I am ok with that. But learning the new normal has been difficult to me. I don’t feel like myself. Often as a mom we forget to take care of ourselves and I have really been hit hard with that reality lately. If I am not taking care of me, who will? And who will take care of everyone around me? I put a lot of pressure on myself to do all these things and sometimes I just have to let go. Or try… But, I also know that if I am not getting filled up how will I ever be able to give back? I feel so guilty stepping away and asking for a break. But, the reality is, I need it. And I will be much better for it. So, I am trying to be more intentional about planning “Me Dates.” Even if that means an hour at Starbucks, closing my bedroom door and taking a nap, or getting  a manicure. Whatever it is I need to be sure and do it for me. And in turn I will be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.

What can you do to start taking care of you?



Mama T


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