Remember that one time…

Such a common saying in my life right now. LOL I am often “remembering that one time” when life was a little bit different then it is now. I have to laugh to myself, as I talk to myself (I usually don’t respond to myself but who knows when I am tired enough), about times of old. When it was easy to run in the grocery store, grab a cup of coffee, get a pedicure, or go for a run. Those things just don’t happen much anymore. Usually we last about 3o minutes in the grocery store, if there isn’t a drive thru, Starbucks isn’t even worth it (I can’t believe I just said that), pedicures are planned date nights with the hubs or girls night out and it’s way over do, and well more things jiggle then ever now that I can’t just go for a run. But, what a sweet time this place in my life is. A place that I never imagined would be my life. But, as I sit here praying for just 5 more minutes and watch Hudson start to stir around on the baby monitor, I remember how blessed I am. And how thankful I am for those “remember that one time” moments in my life. Because in just a few short years I am going to have new “remember that one time” moments. Hudson learning to crawl, and walk, and his cute little laugh, and how excited he is to see me. Teething, his first foods, and the many times he had diaper blow outs. The memories will be different but still the same concept. Time goes by SO FAST. I remember my mom always telling me that when I was growing up begging for time to speed up. And now I get it more then ever. So today I will forgot the “remember that one time” moments and enjoy this moment. Because it will be gone all to quickly.



Mama T


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