Boundaries with Kids

Another great reason I love this book on Boundaries is bc it talks about building boundaries with our children and doing that from a young age. We refer to boundaries with young children as discipline. It’s not an easy task as I am going to quickly learn, but I don’t want a little devil running around either. HAHA It starts with me as the mom.

Dr. Henry Cloud says, “Of all the areas in which boundaries are crucially important, none is more relevant than that of raising children. How we approach boundaries and child rearing will have enormous impact on the characters of our kids. On how they develop values. On how they do in school. On the friends they pick. On who they marry. And on how well they do in a career.”

WOW! That is a scary buy comforting statement. I hope and pray daily that I teach and discipline and love Hudson in the way of the Lord. I know God has an amazing plan for my little guy and I can’t wait to see what that is! But, I have to start teaching him now in the way of the Lord. Such a tough job we have. But, I know with lots of prayer, God’s guidance, and support it can be done.

Where are you setting boundaries with your children?


Mama T


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