Boundaries Part 2

So, I am back on the boundaries talk again today. As I am slowly working through this amazing book more and more is popping out to me. I really feel the Lord is using this book to teach me so much!

Another law of boundaries is The Law of Responsibility. Many times we get off the biblical track of responsibilities. We can become self centered or feel guilt. We are called to love others and when we don’t we aren’t taking responsibility for ourselves. This doesn’t mean I am to BE you but I am to love you. I am responsible for me and you for you. As the Bible says we are to be responsible to others. We are to help those in need. But by doing this we need boundaries. We can’t bail others out of the results of their sins. If we do we will be on repeat with them. Always bailing them out. Over and over bc we have reinforced the pattern as Henry Cloud says and is the same principle spoken of in child rearing.

“A strong stand throughout the Bible stresses that you are to GIVE to needs and put LIMITS on sin. Boundaries help with that.” ~Henry Cloud

Prov. 19:19 and 23:13


Such good stuff!!

Take responsibility for you and teach your children to do the same for themselves. They will thank you!


Mama T


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