Clearwater and Savannah

So The Traveling Lanham’s took our first family vacation! It was rough but we made the best of it and have the pix to prove it. We started out heading to Clearwater Beach and we were there for about 4 days. It was hot! But this is one of my favorite spots in Florida. The beach is beautiful and it has one of the best sunsets ever. It was tough with Hudson somedays. He loves the water thankfully but when it wa nap time he was just too hot and sandy to really be able to relax under the canopy. So we made it only a few hours a day but that is to be expected. He was a little trooper! Due to some unforeseen events we left Clearwater and headed up to Savannah. It was my first visit in 2 years. It was awesome to see old friends, my favorite hot spots, and spend time with Brandon and Hudson showing them around. We had a great stay at the Residence Inn and will definitely be staying there when we return. All in all I am thankful for the time away and the break from the normal routine.

3 Tips For Traveling With A Baby:

  1. Be prepared to stop and take a few more breaks then normal. Baby needs to stretch and eat!
  2. With a packed car be sure it’s easy to get to baby when needed.
  3. Nap when baby naps! This is easier said then done but on road trips if you aren’t the one driving SLEEP!



Mama T



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