What is your Beautiful Uncertainty?

This is the last day of the challenge. I adopted this challenge from author Mandy Hale. Her new book, “Beautiful Uncertainty” hit shelves yesterday and I can’t wait to read it! She is known as the “Single Woman” and I have followed her for a few years now. She is very inspirational and helped me through a lot single times. She still encourages me today!

So, what is your beautiful uncertainty? What have you done in total faith expecting God to do great things?

I was at a church gathering the other night and sat at a table with girl who just moved to Nashville the same I did. She called herself a gypsy bc she was single with no kids and had moved around a few different times in the last few years. I remember being that girl. I enjoyed being that girl. I wouldn’t trade where I am for anything, but I am SO thankful I had that time on my own to discover the world, myself, and my dreams. I still have so many things I want to do and pursue and I will in time. But, for now my beautiful uncertainty is all about my baby boy coming and my marriage and family. I am so excited for this next chapter and all the new things it will bring. Scared. To. Death. But, ready for the challenge.

Where are you believing God and trusting him?





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