Enjoy The Moment More, Capture The Moment Less

Day 19’s challenge is one of  my favorites. I have actually said this so many times to myself and to others. You see the perfect sunset or the most beautiful beach or the most amazing mountain scape and when you snap that picture it’s just nothing like what you see with your own eyes. We get frustrated and aggravated. Several years ago this happened to me and then it hit me. Sometimes I think things are meant just for our own eyes. They aren’t meant for photos. They are just meant for us at the moment in time to be shared with us from God and with those around us. So today, put down the camera and just enjoy what you see with your own eyes. Realizing it was meant for just you at that time. It’s amazing!




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  1. Yes – i agree! One thing that is meant for eyes and not photos is the Northern Lights, nothing can capture the movement, the enormity of it, or the way it makes you feel – incredible!

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