I can’t believe my baby boy will be here in less then a month! Time sure has flown by and for that I am grateful. It hasn’t been an easy road. Learning to give up total control bc your body has taken over and learning to give up total control bc a baby is gonna need you for everything is pretty scary. It’s teaching me to trust and rely totally on God bc well, I can’t do it alone. Absolutely impossible. But I see the light. Yay!

If I have learned ANYTHING about being pregnant it is what NOT to say to someone pregnant. LOL Everyone has their on experience and no one is the same. Some people have a pretty easy time. No sickness, they are happy, energetic, enjoying life, the baby is great etc. Others, are sick the entire time vomiting and feeling miserable. I would count myself lucky that I fall in between both. It wasn’t all roses and butterflies but it hasn’t been all shit either. I love being able to feel him move around and watch his little foot move across my belly-until it starts hurting and I’m like please sleep. LOL But, I haven’t enjoyed the kidney stone, the Bell’s Palsy, the 24 hour bug, the sleepless nights (that won’t end), the swollen hands and feet and not being able to wear my rings etc. Yea yea I know, “It will all be worth it.” If one more person tells me that I just might punch them. LOL Obviously I am beyond thrilled to have my little man come into this world. But that is one of the dumbest thing someone could ever say when you feel miserable or are having a hard time. Or not really. So note-I will not ever say that to you if you get pregnant!

More updates to come on my little family!




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