Ex Doesn’t Mark the Spot

So earlier I wrote about the challenge of purging things in your life and I combined purging all the stuff in your house and closets with relationships etc. So today is kind of a repeat or reminder. Get rid of the toxic in your life. Whether that be in the form of relationships, exes, stuff, or anything that this taking your focus off of the most important things in life. I started reading a book today called “Empty Promises” and the first chapter has already got me hooked. It was talking about idols. And how in today’s culture that isn’t necessarily a golden image or a thing sitting on our mantel. But it can be the things that steal our time. The things that take away from God being glorified. The things that block our missions, our goals, our purpose. Nothing can take the place of God. Nothing can bring us the peace and satisfaction in our life like God can. Nothing can fill that void like God does. So today, get rid of the idols in your life.




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