Finding Closure

Today’s challenge is find closure. Whether it be with an old friend, an ex, or family member be intentional and write it out, talk it out, and say everything you need to or never had a chance to say and then walk away and move on with your life. This isn’t easy to do. Never is. But for me that closure would be with my Dad who passed about last July. Yesterday was 6 months to the day. So hard to believe it has been half a year already. I am not sure how the conversation would really go but I would like to think it would go something like this:

Dad, I love you so much. You may not have been Father of the year but you were my father and always will be. I hoped and prayed for so long that you would find meaning in this life and that you would have the desire to live. But, you were lost. You were broken. But you also had so much to offer and so much to give to those around you. It hurt that you often gave more of yourself to friends, drugs, work then you did you us girls. But that is the path you chose. I knew you loved me in the best way you  knew how. I hope that now you are gone you can look down and see the love we had for you. I wish you could have met your second grandson and held him in your arms. What I wouldn’t give for you to be sitting on my couch one more time, leaving me a goofy voicemail one more time, or sending me a self loathing text just one more time. I pray that you are at peace and in no more pain. I pray that you look down upon us and smile. I pray that one day I will see you again and hug your neck and feel your mustache whiskers on my cheek as you kiss my face. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for doing the best you could with what you knew. Thank you for teaching me so many things you will never know you taught me. We will meet again. All my love.





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