One Hell Of A Week

Well, our new adventure has definitely been just that! The day after moving to Nashville I started having an awful earache. This wasn’t anything new since I deal with a lot for ear issues anyways. But little did I know it was going to turn into Bell’s Palsy. Yes, a rare symptom that can occur when pregnant and guess who got it? Thankfully at this point I have a mild case and hoping it stays that way. As if being pregnant, with a growing belly doesn’t make you feel unattractive enough. Let’s just make your face look all weird too. Awesome. I can’t smile or really close my right eye. Not fun. Then came along horrible sinus issues! Our anniversary was last Sunday and I just wanted to feel better for our special day. I had planned the whole day out. We saw the Grinch musical at the Grand Ole Opry which was fantastic and then stayed the night at Opryland Hotel. It is so beautiful at Christmas and B had never been. We also got tickets to Ice at Opryland. It was all these huge ice sculptures with beautiful colors and it was cold in there. I got my fill of cold that day:) We had a great dinner and an awesome atrium view of all the lights and Christmas decor. Monday rolls around and I’m in the hospital until Tuesday with a kidney stone! Are you kidding me? I wish. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. And my first stay in a hospital and hopefully my last other then having my baby. Thankfully that passed and just when I think we can get settled into our condo, Wednesday morning a virus or food poisoning hits me at 2am and I’m puking my guts out all day. Awesome. BTW baby is doing just fine through all of this. Thankfully. Thursday I am much better but still very weak and tired. I was scheduled to work in Louisville this weekend thankfully was well enough to make the trip. But, to top the week off I get pulled over for expired tags on the drive up. What? How does that happen?? My birthday was 2 months ago and I didn’t get a notice and I just totally forgot! Oh my! Thankfully my mother in law was able to get that worked out for me today while I was working. Talk about a bad week. If one more person tells me that after this baby comes I will forget all the horrible things and want to do it again beware I will punch them in the face. No joke. I cannot wait til my little man is in my arms but I will never forget how hard it’s been or will be. So thankful he is doing well and growing. 31 weeks down and 9 to go. Hopefully less! I sure hope after all this ok good for the next 4 years or so. HAHA I don’t need anymore sickness!! Thankful for an awesome husband and family who care for me so well in my time of need. Now off to bed for this exhausted girl! 





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