My Post

So last night I went out on a limb and posted a status on Facebook about Bruce Jenner and how I was over hearing about it. Boy, did I stir up a crowd. It’s funny bc I NEVER and I mean NEVER post anything in my own words about that kind of thing. It’s usually another picture of my travels or my amazing husband or food. LOL But, last night got interesting. I got comments that support Bruce and his change, I got comments about God and his Word and how Bruce is going against it, I also got comments about how I love drama and I am feeding into it bc of my post. That was funny. Anyone that knows me knows I RUN far away from any drama. But, anyways I thought I would write a little bit more about it today.

To be totally honest with you, I could care less if Bruce wants to be Bruce or Caitlyn. That is his decision and he has the freedom to do whatever he wants. I will never judge someone bc they do something I don’t agree with. I do things everyday that people don’t like but that’s ok. I am me and you are you. I have many friends and acquaintances that have chosen lifestyles I do not agree with, but that’s ok. I love them and they are still my friends. That is not my place to live their life for them. We all have to answer to the same God one day about our lives. I have done things that are wrong and will have to answer for them and so will you. God loves everyone. Gay, lesbian, transgender, bi, straight, black, or white, asian, american, latin whatever you are, He loves you. That will never change. And who am I to question that or treat someone different bc of it.

My post last night had nothing to do with whether I agree or disagree with Bruce and his change. It has everything to do with our society and news media blowing up over this celebrity crap. I just feel like we need to move on. Personally, if I was ever going through something like Bruce, I wouldn’t want to make a spectacle out of myself. It would be a personal thing for me and my loved ones to deal with. Again my own thoughts and opinions.

But no hard feelings from me or my post. God knows my heart when I made the post. I enjoyed the comments and being educated on things I had no clue of. I was a pretty sheltered girl so a lot this stuff honestly shocks the crap out of me. I appreciate everyones input and I felt like it was a great chat. I don’t feel like anyone was offensive or mean but honest and open about their opinions and where they stood. We are all entitled to that.

I hope and pray that Bruce can find peace in his life. God knows his heart and that is all that matters. Not my opinion one bit.


I know I know if I am over hearing about why post a blog? Well, it’s what I do and I wanted to just clarify my feelings on my blog. And bc it’s a free country and I can:)


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