On The Flip Side

Since I wrote about Father’s Day approaching I thought I would take a minute and brag on my amazing mother and the other mothers I am blessed to be surrounded by. My mom was pretty much a single mom. She worked full time and sometimes has 2 jobs and my first step dad worked so much he was non-existent. She always showed up to events and awards no matter what it took. She always opened our home to friends for parties, Friday night movies, and our house was always a popular hangout. She is hilarious. You can’t be with my for more then 5 minutes without cracking up. She is bubbly, always has a smile, and loves unconditionally. She was the coolest mom growing up. Tough but for a good reason and for that I am thankful. I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without her support. She loves Jesus and made sure we knew he was our only source of life. She is just down right awesome.

I am also blessed to have my great Aunt Audrey who has always been there too. She is feisty and funny and has the best quotes you could ever imagine. She loves riding down to Rabbit Hash with me and getting a bottle of coke and she is always there to encourage me. My mother in law is the newest mom in my life and for her I am grateful. Since my mom isn’t local it’s nice to have another Godly woman to look to for advice and support. She has welcomed me into the family like I had always been there. Truly a blessing.

Don’t take your moms for granted. They gave you life and they can take it away. So I have been told a time or two. LOL




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