As It Approaches

For most of my life I grew up without my father. My parents divorced when I was 6 and he was in and out of our lives for the most part. Broken promises to show up and never would seemed to be the on going theme of our childhood. Thankfully, a lot of those memories have been blocked. I love my dad and pray for him often. I hope that one day his eyes and ears can be opened to the truth and the light. I hope that he can receive the freedom that I have and live a life full of love and joy. But, in the meantime I don’t feel like I have to give in to the craziness that revolves around the situation. My sisters are more blunt and bold then I could ever be so they stood up to him long ago. My time came around 3 years ago when he came to visit me in Savannah and calls me 2 hours before he gets there and tells me he has no money and I need to give him some for the weekend and he would pay me back. Yes, this really happened. At this point I decided to stop being a doormat. Yes, he is my dad and I will forever love him bc of that. But, I also don’t feel like just bc he is my dad that I should just let him treat me with disrespect. He is a broken man who needs Jesus and I have to constantly remind myself of that. But, needs Jesus or not, we all have to start taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions at some point in this life. I have created boundaries since then. I choose not to be walked all over and made out to be the bad guy. As Father’s Day approaches it always makes my heart a little sad. I am so blessed to have an amazing step father in my life who took us in and treated us as his own from day one. The man that walked me down the aisle at my wedding and loves me unconditionally. I am grateful to have a father in law who embraced me and welcomed me into the family as if I had always been there. So, no pity party here. But, it does hurt my heart that my dad hasn’t seen the light strong enough yet to really want to change. So, I will continue to pray for him and ask for patience to do so. He is smart man with so much potential if only he could see it. And the day he does will be a game changer. I will never give up hope. Don’t ever take your parents for granted. They could be gone tomorrow. Always thank God for them and always tell them you love them. And never give up hope that one day they will see the light.



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