Do Over

Jon Acuff wrote a new book called “Do Over.” I have been reading it and I love it. But, today I really feel the need for a do over. A do over with my job and my direction. I have a lot of dreams and hopes and things I want for the future and I just feel stuck. I will lay in bed at night and dream and think of all the things I want and need to do to reach my goals and then a new day comes and goes and I haven’t done a darn thing about it. I waste it. I waste it on business, or Netflix, or my own agenda. And another day goes by untouched. I want to be debt free (again), I want to grow my business like I did in Savannah, I want a family, I want to write a book, and keep up with this blog, I want to travel. I want to enjoy my husband and I want him to go and do what he loves. So, where do I even start? LOL I am going to figure that out today. I am tired of being stuck. So here we go!




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