Moving to Louisville has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done. But, it is something I wanted and prayed for. I have grown, I have been stretched, I have learned, and I continue to do those things 8 months later. One of my recent devotions was about bring your life into focus from Max Lucado. I love Max and his teachings. In Savannah, I was so consumed with my routine. I had steady job and had my own thing going on and I traveled a lot too. So when I moved and ALL of that changed it threw me for a loop. So much of my identity was found in what I did everyday. I have struggled with being home more and not working as much but lately I have come to except the fact that I am right where I am supposed to be. That my course changed bc I wanted it too and Jesus had something better planned for me. I am learning to be a wife, a friend, a daughter in law. I am spending much needed down time writing, reading, praying, and learning more about hair and trying to grow my business. And then I came across Max’s devo. Here is an excerpt.

Want to bring focus to your life? Do what Jesus did. Go home, love your family, and take care of business. But Max, I want to be a missionary. Your first mission field is under your roof. What makes you think they’ll believe you overseas if they don’t believe you across the hall?

After reading that I was life whoa! I need to be home. I need to care for my husband and adjust to this new life. There is nothing wrong with working full time and being busy. Trust me, some weeks I feel like I am right back where I was in Savannah. But I have learned to embrace this season of life for myself. Bc things change so fast. Soon I will have little ones at my feet and being called mom. But for now…this is where I am. So, I am going to love it and not waste it. I am blessed.



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