Praying Works!

I am horrible at praying! I have said this before but I am. I have a prayer journal and when I use it, it works for me! It really helps me to write it all out. I started a prayer group on FB for some close friends and family who I knew would join in and really help. And it has been really great to see the response so far. I want it to be a safe place. It can be scary to open up your heart and share your struggles. But we are called to do it. And it is time we step up and do it! So join me in praying. I have already seen God at work this week. I have been praying to be busy at work for 3 days a week. I am struggling to build a clientele and it stinks! So I started to pray specifically for what I needed. And what do you know?? This week I am busy for 3 days! WOOHOO! Don’t give up. God is good. Keep seeking his face.

Louisville’s Lanham


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