San Fran and Napa- A Travel Blog

I haven’t sat down to write a blog in a very long time. I have surely missed it. I have no excuse except it hasn’t been a priority. But here I am and here we go!

Over Easter, Brandon and I traveled to the west coast! We visited San Fran and Napa for 4 full days of excitement. We met my little sister Kayla, her boyfriend, and 2 of their couple friends out there. We started off in San Fran and it was a beautiful day! We went to the wharf and saw the seals and took pix of Alcatraz. It was such a clear day! We had lunch on the water at the Franciscan Crab.(spent around $50) It was delish! I had the clam chowder and Brandon had the crab enchiladas. Yummy! We then headed to Lombard Street known as the crookedest street in the world. And then off to see the house from Full House! That was such a fun thing to do. We loved that show growing up. We headed over to Alamo Park where the Painted Ladies houses are and just enjoyed sitting in the grass and feeling the warm sun! We the headed to Ghirardelli Square for some ice-cream! It was a fun place to see. On the way to the Golden Gate Bridge we drove by the house from Mrs. Doubtfire! Brandon just loved seeing that. The Golden Gate is always amazing to cross over and get pix of. We had dinner that night in Sausalito. It’s across the bay from San Fran. Such a cute town. We ate dinner at the Spinnaker! (Spent around $50) It was right on the water with an amazing view. Brandon and I shared a mixed seafood dish and again it was so good! Our service was so so but totally ruined by the waitress manually writing an 18% gratuity to the check. I am all for tipping 20% and I understand adding 18% bc of our large party. But, my problem was with her manually doing and not the computer. You can’t tell me that nice a restaurant like that does not have a computer to do that. I just left it as is and moved on but it ruined everything about the the experience. After being up for about 24 hours we drove to Napa which about an hour from San Fran and crashed at the Marriott Resort and Spa in Napa.($189/night) It’s fabulous hotel! We woke up bright and early on Saturday and went to work out and have breakfast in the concierge lounge! Thanks to Kayla and her awesomeness. The first winery we went to was Domaine Carneros.($40 tasting) We started off with champagne. Our service was amazing their and such a beautiful view. I really enjoyed the Estate Brut Cuvee and B loved the Vermeil Demi-Sec. Next door was Cuvaison. ($20 tasting) Another great spot. From here some took an uber and some followed behind to Ram’s Gate! ($20-25 tasting) This place was gorgeous! You could see for miles. They also serve different food options. Once we left here all 8 of us crammed into a Nissan Sentra. I DO NOT recommend this. LOL We made a few stops on the way before heading to downtown Napa for dinner. We stopped by Jacuzzi where they offer free tastings as well as olive oil tastings! They were so good. This was Haley’s sisters favorite spot! These were cheaper wines but very good! Viansa was our last stop of the day. They offer a $5 tasting and lots of food options! You were higher up so the view was out of this world but it was very windy and a bit nippy for us! For dinner we went to this place called Joe’s in downtown Napa. The UK game was on so we wanted to catch it. We had skipped lunch so we were starving. It was great food and costs around $50 but we did eat A LOT! We headed back to the hotel for the 2nd half of the sad, sad game and watched it at the hotel bar. We then crashed out again! It was a fun but long day. Sunday we woke up early and worked out and had a great breakfast in the lounge again. We reserved a limo for this day and it was awesome! It was about $105 per person from 10-8. We thought it was a great deal and Hector was the bomb. We started off at Domaine Chandon recommended by Hector. They offered $20 tastings and you kept the flute. We all just shared a couple bottle of champagne. Hector then recommended a small boutique winery called Jessup Cellars. This ended up being mine and B’s favorite spot. We loved all the wines and become wine club members! Our host was awesome and originally from Louisville so we all cried over the game and talked about home. He was great. Kudos to Hector! They offered a $20 tasting and it was paired with cheeses and chocolates and nuts. So good! Our next stop was Peju. One of Kayla’s favorites. Our host was really great and knowledgeable. I love learning about it all. They offered $25 tastings and we loved the Provence. We did get lunch on this day and it was a roadside burger joint. It was ok but it was all the rage. The lines were long but it hit the spot. It’s called Gott’s and it was about $30. Kayla scheduled a cave tour at Cade next. We were late so we got kinda shafted. Originally it was $70 a person for the tasting and the tour but they ended up give us 50% off. So thankful for that! I didn’t care for the wines at all. But it was paired with food and had the best view yet. On a clear day she said you could see all the way to San Fran, 70+ miles! The tour was neat. They built a cave an they stored all the wine in there plus had parties etc. Really cool space. We ended the day at one of Kayla and I’s favorite spots from last year, Alpha and Omega. It has great a view of the sun going down. Everyone just shared a couple bottles of wine here and spent around $130. Kayla made reservations at Tra Vigne for dinner. This was our favorite! Everyone loved all of their food. We got pizza, soup, pasta, duck. YUM! It was around $50 as well. Our last day we did not work out but we did grab breakfast in the long before checking out. We stopped and took pix with the big Napa Valley sign and have fun hanging from it. We headed all the way north to Calistoga were Tamber Bey was located. It was modeled after a Kentucky Horse farm and had lots of horses. Our host was great and filled us in on the story of how they came about. The tasting was around $25-110 depending on what you chose. We really enjoyed the 2013 Chardonnay and it was around $34 a bottle. Beautiful drive there and back all the way through Napa. We headed towards the Oakland airport and grabbed lunch at the infamous In-and-Out Burger! It was about $15 for lunch. And always a good burger! We had a layover in Vegas on the way back. We both have never been so we loved seeing the strip and B won $25 in the airport! He is the lucky one. LOL

We had the best time. We shared tastings to save money and to really enjoy it! We didn’t want to be totally intoxicated the whole time and feel awful! The limo was by far the best thing we chose to do! Hector was just the best. If I had to do anything different I would do less winery’s. I would have enjoyed going to 3 a day not 5 bc it feels rushed and you are SO tired. But all in all it was good. It is definitely a trip everyone should take. It is so peaceful and relaxing there.

Next stop is New Orleans!

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