Joel 2:13

Come back to the Lord your God, because he is kind and shows mercy. He doesn’t become angry quickly, and he has great love.

I know I have read this verse at some time in my life but today it came in a whole new light for me. God wants us. He wants all of us and he will stop at nothing to get our attention. I have seen this ring true in so many areas and times in my life. I have prayed for other people that God would do whatever it took to get their attention and I am sure others have prayed that for me too. It’s so amazing to think that we are loved that much by a God who will do anything for us. He died for us for Pete’s sake. What makes me think he won’t come after me with everything he has. This can also be a very scary place to be. I hope and pray that I am never too far from Jesus. But he will do whatever it takes to get our attention, to get us to quit hanging out with certain people, to get us out of our comfort zone, to move us, to call us to a place we never wanted to go or thought we would end up. And if we don’t listen… I don’t even want to know what that would cost me. But, we aren’t above sin. We are weak, and fragile, and lost without Him. So cling to him. Cry out to him. Stop ignoring him and what he is calling you too. You will be happier, more at peace, and excited if you stop fighting Him. Do as he says. He will never lead you astray. Never.



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