In the Hebrews 

Today I read Hebrews 5:11-6:12 and it was talking about how solid food is for the mature and milk is for the babies. What resonated most with me is that I need to grow up. Oh, how often I walk around thinking I know it all and I have it all together but really I’m just an immature child. Often times I feel like I deserve things and things are owed to me for whatever reason. I think God should just make all things perfect and right in my world bc I’m me. Or the way I treat others. I talk down to them or snub them off. Or how judgmental I can be without even really seeing it. I often act like I am better then you or you don’t add up to my expectations. But in all reality it’s my own insecurities and faults that I am hiding behind. And then there’s my own surroundings. The people I surround myself with, or the things I find myself doing, saying, or getting involved with are not at all what a Christian woman should be doing. And as I sit here and think about these things I need to remind myself to grow the heck up. That I am a child of God and he has an amazing plan for me and my family and everything I do should be for that purpose, his purpose, and his glory. Bc everything I do affects those around me and myself. So, it’s time to grow up. It’s not about me and what I want, it’s about Jesus and what he wants. Today in bible study the leader said family is your first ministry. And I was like whoa! I needed that reminder today. With this move, and not having the same type of business I had in Savannah, I have felt kind of worthless and thought to myself what is my purpose here? All I do is take care of my household and go cut and color hair sometimes. But, lately it has started to hit me that God has shifted my position. I need to be home taking care of my husband, my home, and all the things that go with that and those things are no less important then a big time corporate job. God is working and he is all around. I love to see him moving. 




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