I feel like the theme of my life right now is to wait, be patient, and to pray. All 3 of those things are very difficult for me. And I am sure for many of you as well. The biggest struggle I have had since moving has been starting over with my business. In Savannah I was used to being booked up every week and have a consistent income. And when I wasn’t working I was traveling and enjoying my friends and family. Since moving my life has drastically changed. I am not booked at work but I am closer to friends and family so I get to spend a lot of time with them which I am very grateful for. I miss my work. I miss my clients. I miss being busy. But, I think God had intentions and plans for me to slow down. I am a go go go type of person so for me to stop is very difficult. So, I am trying and learning to embrace this down time. Spending time in the Word, reading books, and learning to pray again. Prayer has never been an easy consistent thing for me. I am getting a lot of practice right now. But, I believe this was His plan. And I am right where I need to be. He took me from all the crazy, the busy, the distraction and left me with just Him. But that’s what I needed. He is all I needed. I am thankful for this place. For my amazing husband and best friend who has walked this road with me. For my loving and supportive friends and family who have been on this journey with me. I only hope that I can give the love and encouragement to them in return.



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