Welcoming Hearts

I joined a group at church called Welcoming Hearts. It’s for new women who have recently moved to the Louisville area. I am so excited to join with other women in this journey. I didn’t realize how much a move really can affect us. Even though it was something I desperately wanted.

I guess I don’t really remember moving to Savannah 7+ years ago and I did have my parents there to help. But these last 6 months have been some of the hardest for me. Starting over in a brand new city and only knowing a handful of people is scary and exciting. I left a strong career to come back to my home state that I had been trying to get back to for years and to be with my then future husband. I don’t regret it one bit. But, don’t let me fool you. It’s hard.

My career is at an all time low and I feel pretty worthless most days to be honest. I take care of all the home duties and all the things that go a long with that. And I give an applause to all the stay at home moms and wives bc it’s no easy task. I stay busy most days when I am not working but it wears me out more then working all day. I miss being busy all the time. In Savannah I was either working a ton of really long days or when I was off I was traveling somewhere. But, that all stopped once I moved. So I have a lot more down time and it’s eating at me. I was thinking about it today and how I don’t want to waste this time doing nothing. I should be using it to write or work on my on going business plan. But, you start to lose motivation after awhile. I feel like I don’t have a purpose and I feel beat up. I miss my friends and I miss my clients. And I know I will make new friends and continue to grow my clientele with amazing people. But the in between sucks. All I want to do it sleep and cry. I know this is a season that will pass and God is always working things together for my good. Always. I never doubt that. But right now as I sit in the middle of all these feelings and emotions it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it will be come. But until then I just have to keep the faith and pray and lean into Jesus. He will see me through.



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