Today, I am just feeling spent. I am tired and can’t seem to shake the funk that surrounds me. If you read my blog yesterday I am still feeling the call to more. I am struggling with where to begin and how it will actually work. I feel frustrated and little run down. I know God has this amazing plan for my life bc His plan until now has been just that, amazing. I love it. Even dealing with my feelings and emotions today I am smart enough to know he is working and doing something and using this for more to come. I just need to learn to wait on him and do what I know I need to. Whatever that may be. Some days it could be nothing but to rest and chill my mind. Other days I might need to hustle like never before and bust out a few things in the planning part of the more. But whatever the day might bring I will continue to cling to the hope that is in Jesus.



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