Something More

Have you ever felt like you were called to more or you just wanted more out of this life? I have had this feeling many times over the years and I can look back and see all the different times that I got more. I am there again where I want more. I love what I do as a hairstylist and I would love to expand that. I also have always wanted a little coffee shop and to be a party planner. I know, I am kind of all over the board. LOL But, I have these plans and visions of what I want and I know I can get there. I just need to go for it! There’s this song by Jennifer Nettles called “Something More” and many times in my life I would listen to that song and think about how I never wanted to settle in job, love, or life in general. And I know all things take time and patience. But, I also know that if you don’t take a risk or step out in faith then you will miss out on something great. I will be 33 this year and I want something more then what I have in my career. I want to provide my awesome guests with amazing hair services and an experience they will not forget. I also want to provide an event planning service and to use my gifts and talents in that way. I can plan some awesome parties y’all! LOL I also LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee and would love to incorporate a coffee shop into all of this. I want a cozy little place where people can come and curl up with a good book or work on their laptops in a quiet and calming atmosphere. I would love to serve Leiva’s Coffee and support their ministry through it all. Could this work? Could I really make this happen? I’ll never know if I don’t get to planning.



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