So many things in this life are distractions. Anything from the computer, iPad, iPhone, TV, etc all the way to friends, family, church, and social events. These things are not bad by any means but if they are ultimately taking you away from the most important things in your life then they are distractions and should be kept in check. I know for me it is so easy to get caught up on my iPhone or iPad either reading or on social media or just looking up random things. Or getting sucked into the Netflix tornado. LOL I have a list of goals I want to accomplish this year and I am learning that I have to constantly keep myself in check so that I don’t get too distracted by the unimportant things. Another big thing for me right now is I want to always keep things alive and fun in my marriage. So I am doing things daily to accomplish that. It can be tough some days bc we get so busy but it’s such an important thing to me that I don’t want to slack on that. So, my goal is to eliminate some things that are keeping me from my main goals and to focus on my goals more intentionally.

What about you? What distracts you from what you really want to get done?

Travelin’ Tiffany


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