I am sure many of you remember “The Prayer of Jabez” several years back. It swept across the Christian world and became a big thing. They have books about it and many pastors were preaching on it. I was reminded of it today in my daily devotion. It comes from 1 Chronicles 4:10, “Now Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying. “Oh that You would bless me indeed and enlarge my border, and that Your hand might be with me, and that You would keep me from harm that it may not pain me!” And God granted him what he requested.” I love this because it reminds me that all we have to do is ask. I know that God doesn’t give us everything we ask for (thankfully) but I also feel like we miss out on so many things in life bc we don’t for them. There are so many blessings that God wants to bestow upon us. All we have to do is ask and listen. He always has our best in mind and we need to trust that. Sometimes I get scared or fearful of asking him for anything bc I feel like I am just little ol me. Why would he want to be concerned with me and my little problems. But, that’s why he is here. For me and you. He came to die for us and to love us and to forgive us and to lead and guide us into this life. He is always there and waiting for you to come.

What makes you afraid to ask God for blessings?

Travelin’ Tiffany


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