Thinking Back On My Singleness

I have a few blogs I like to read and follow. This morning I read one on “Making Friends With Your Singleness.” This took me back to my single days. The days where I just gave my heart away without a second thought, the days of thinking I would never find “the one”, the days of crying myself to sleep, or being questioned on why I am still single. But all in all, my single days were some of the best in my life because it was molding me and making me into who I am today. It was preparing me of this thing called marriage. Sure, I made plenty of mistakes and had a broken heart, and gave a few broken hearts too. But, I learned to live on my own, provide for myself, travel, experience things I never would have if I was not single, and I learned that it’s ok to be alone. I learned that a relationship doesn’t define you. I learned that people are nosey and just wanna butt in when they ask you why you are still single. I learned a lot about friendships and God and how important my relationship is with Him first and foremost. So, yes, I think I became friends with my singleness. And I encourage the same for you. There is a plan, a perfect plan for you. Don’t ever lose hope and always remember that you are being prepared for something greater. Don’t miss out on that.

Travelin’ Tiffany


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