Love Challenge

I know I am a newly wed and all, but I am trying really hard to keep the love alive in my marriage. Even from the very beginning. I came across this website called along time ago and had forgotten about it. I was pinterest the other day just playing around and it was popping up everywhere. So I decided to join the website and buy a few of their PDF’s and jump in. It has been a lot of fun this week! B and I signed up for the 5 Love Languages Bible study at Southeast that starts in February but this website had a similar version of the love test. We both took it and to find out what our love languages are was eye opening. Mine have changed over the years and I wasn’t quite sure what his was. This week the website has been sending me emails of different challenges to do daily for your spouse. Yesterday I left little notes in all the places he goes in the house after work. It was fun for him to find all of those and to see his smile. He loved it! I am excited to see what today’s is! I look around and see couples who have been married for along time or maybe not long at all and they just seem blah and complacent. My prayer is that we never get that way. That on a daily basis we sharing and showing the love we have for each other. I am so blessed and honored to have B by my side and I never want to take that for granted. Today starts the 30 day love challenge. Why don’t you join me? Check out the website or find them on instagram @datingdivas and join in! It will be lots of fun and maybe help you in your relationship some.

Travelin’ Tiffany


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