Do Over

I just got done doing a 10 day Do Over Challenge that Jon Acuff was doing. It was all about starting over on your dreams this year. So I decided to take 10 days and focus on writing and getting my blog back up and more consistent. And I was successful. One of my goals is to write in my blog everyday this year. Now I know this might not be possible bc things do happen and I could get off track. But I am staying focused to take a few minutes a day to devote to this. It’s important to me and hopefully to you!

I challenge you today to start working on your dream for the next 10 days. Devote 10 minutes a day to it for 10 days and see the difference it makes. I was shocked I actually made it through. I hope to stay this motivated through the year on all my goals.

There’s no better time then now for a Do Over. We are fresh into the new year and your dreams are waiting. Don’t let them pass you by!

What dream do you want to work on?

Travelin’ Tiffany


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