A Breakup Blog

Dear Smart TV, that’s not really that smart and iPhone that distracts me way too much,

Today I am breaking up with you both. As much as I love the shows I keep up with and all the fun things my iPhone can do for me, you are keeping me from things that are most important. No, I am not going to get rid of my TV or iPhone but, I am going to start distancing myself from them both. I want to spend more time with my husband, I want to read more, I want to write more. And by eliminating these two distracting things I can do that! Thank you for understanding and I will see you soon.

So if you try to reach me and I don’t respond right away, please understand that this is why and I will get back to you soon. Also, if I respond too soon, keep me accountable! LOL Tell me to put the phone down or turn the TV off and do something else and more productive.

What will you break up with today?

Travelin’ Tiffany


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