Growing hurts…

The title of this blog pretty much sums it up. Growing hurts. Physically, mentally, spiritually. It’s just a painful yet needed process.

I want to make it clear that I am not bragging in this blog. I am just laying it out straight for you. I’m an open book. I pretty much “had it all” before moving to Louisville in August. I was at the height of my career, worked when I wanted, traveled the world, had a huge savings account, and pretty much lived the life I never thought I could have. But, at night I went to bed empty inside. All the money, travel, etc would never fill the void I had. First and foremost I had to die to myself. I had to lose it all to gain it all. When I decided to move I knew BIG changes were ahead in all areas of my life. I just didn’t realize the extent of those changes. I’ve drained my savings, my career sucks currently, I am definitely NOT traveling, but I the happiest I’ve ever been. I go to bed at night happy. I rest better. Now that the wedding is over I don’t stress so much. I am with the love my life everyday and I am at peace with where God has me. I’ve realized there are seasons in life. More so now then ever. I always told myself that the life I had in Savannah could be taken away at any moment and it was. But, I needed that. I needed that to realize my happiness and my peace doesn’t lie in money or a career. My priorities have changed and I love the direction that I am headed. For the first time there is no guessing, there is no questioning. It’s been a painful process but one that I needed. One I am thankful for. I love how God just shows up and takes over when I just can’t go any further. So, even if he strips me of everything, I have found that my faith lies in Him and not in people and things. And that gives me peace. And that makes all the growing pains worthwhile.

Travelin’ Tiffany


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