Saint Lucia-A Travel Blog

Our honeymoon was fabulous! Saint Lucia was absolutely beautiful! We did an all inclusive with Sandals and it was top notch. Everything from food to alcohol to water sports was included. Plus you had access to 2 other resorts while you were there. We enjoyed the pools, the food, the drinks, the fire pits, and cabanas. The beach was great and the sunsets were gorgeous. One day we did an excursion and took a boat to the volcanoes. We did a mud bath, waterfall, and snorkeling. It was fun to see a different part of the island and meet some new people along the way. Most of the time we honestly just relaxed. We were pretty exhausted. It was so great to have everything at your fingertips. From food to service etc. I highly recommend all inclusive and Sandals definitely sets the bar. We loved it so much we booked a trip to Antigua for next December! The ONLY draw back to this trip was it was very mountainous. So riding in vans was NOT fun. You were up and down and left to right. BARF! I dreaded every time I had to be in the car. But other then that it was fabulous! Here are a few pix! Enjoy!

Travelin’ Tiffany









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