It’s Here!

I can’t believe my wedding week has come!! AHHHH!!! So much has changed in my life and even more change is about to come. I am so excited!! I haven’t posted much or said much on social media bc honestly it’s been very personal to me. I have tried not to get caught up in the whole “wedding” things but more about the “I do’s” and what comes after the festivities. Brandon and I have both been through so many things in life that has brought us to this special moment. We have suffered from broken hearts and lots of up’s and down’s that come with life in general. But here we are! 4 days away from the rest of our lives together. As I sit here alone in my apartment and think of all that I have been through and everything that has transpired in the last 18 months to bring me to this time and place, I am humbled, overwhelmed, grateful, and blessed. I am thankful first and foremost for God and how he orchestrated this whole thing. I mean never in a million years did I think I would become Mrs. Brandon Lanham. Second, I am so thankful for Brandon and the courage he had to speak out about his feelings and the promptings God had given him. I am so honored that he waited for me. Literally waited. I remember the first time he mentioned having feelings for me and I was like what is this guy doing?? LOL Now I can’t imagine life without him. Next, I am so blessed by my family. They have walked a long road with me. They have been there to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and make me laugh and cry with me and tell me everything was gonna be ok. They have lifted me up when I thought I could no longer stand. I am also very thankful for Brandon’s family. They have walked the last 6 months with us and watched our relationship grow in love. They have been there to encourage us and give us advice and watch the whole process from the front row. Since my family is long distance I am thankful to have a great back up! I am honored and blessed and humbled and just so dang excited! Everything is coming together so perfectly and I cannot wait to celebrate with my friends and family.

The next time you hear from my I’ll be a LANHAM!!!

Travelin’ Tiffany



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