Not So Normal

I have often prayed over my 32 years to not have a normal life. I never wanted the 9-5 job, the big house with the white picket fence and lots of little Tiff’s running around. It just wasn’t what I envisioned for myself. I saw myself as some sort of “gypsy.” I use that term lightly. I never wanted to settle. I was always going from here to there to everywhere and while I enjoyed that and the not so normal side of that a part of me has always craved to have normal. But, I have come to the conclusion that even though I have decided to settle in Louisville, KY and marry the love of my life, and have kids, and maybe even the house with the white picket fence, that my life is far from normal. Normal for me would be way to boring. LOL For a while I tried to stuff myself into the normal box and it made me miserable. Trying to live my everyone else’s standards and not accepting myself for who I was. It was a constant battle that just tore me up. Until one day I realized that this is MY LIFE. No one is living it, responsible for it, or has to answer for it but me. So what the heck am I doing? I am about to enter a new stage of life and I couldn’t be more excited or ready for it! I am thankful for my not so normal life and I am beyond blessed and so undeserving. If you are trying to put yourself the normal box and it’s feeling a little cramped. STOP! Be you. Be who God created you to be and never let anyone or anything change that.

Travelin’ Tiffany



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