Making Moves

Making any type of moves in life can be risky and scary. But I am finding it to also be very exciting and adventurous. When people meet me now or have met me in the last few years, they can’t believe that I am shy or introverted. Once I am comfortable with you we are all good but throw me to the wolves and I clam up! The older I have gotten and being in the profession I am has helped me tremendously to get out of that shyness. So with my move on the horizon in just a few short weeks the anxiety level starts to rise. Meeting new people, building a whole new clientele and business, finding a new church etc. It’s all a little scary and overwhelming. Thank God this is something I wanted so that does help. I am blessed with a good base of people here so far too. A little bit of family and some friends. Brandon and his family have been wonderful and I have met a lot of people through them already. It’s been pretty cool to see myself come out of the shy world. It’s not as scary as I once thought it was. I am still amazed everyday at how God shows himself. I love seeing him at work in my life, my family’s lives, and my friends too. It’s just the coolest thing to watch life unfold around you. When you let go and let God do his thing, amazing things take place. So thankful and blessed to have been brought up in an amazing Christian home with a mama who loves Jesus and taught me to love him too. God is good.

Travelin’ Tiffany



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