Operation get my ass in shape-Day 7

One week in and I am super proud of my progress pic! I wish I could show y’all but just take my word for it😊 I have been sticking to a very strict “diet” ( I hate that word and consider it more of a lifestyle change). Breakfast I have been eating eggs, avocado, and cheese. Lunch I have been eating salads sometimes with grilled chicken. And for dinner I have been eating grilled chicken with veggies and sometimes a salad. I will snack on raw veggies, cottage cheese, and cheese. I drink at least 68 oz of water a day and usually more and I will not be giving up my coffee. This has mainly been it. Even during my busy days and with traveling I have done very well. After seeing my progress pic comparison today I am all in and totally motivated! Not giving up now. I am also running 5 miles a day which is about an hour if cardio a day. Thanks for sticking with me!

Travelin’ Tiffany


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