Unknown Number

While I was working on Saturday I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. This happens often since it’s my business phone and I decided to let it go to the voicemail since I was with a guest. They never left a voicemail and about 30 minutes later called back. I was free and available to answer. It was my stepfathers Chief calling to let me know he had almost passed out at work and they were taking him to Memorial Health just to be on the safe side and they couldn’t reach my mom so I was next in line. Let me just tell you that this is NOT a call you ever want to receive. Thankfully my next client was my parents neighbor Nancy. She was kind enough to take me to the hospital so I didn’t have to find parking etc. I tried for an hour to reach my mom with no success. Nancy’s husband finally reached her after banging on the bathroom window bc she was in the shower. Nancy went to get mom since she didn’t have a car. Crazy morning to say the least. His diagnosis is vertigo. They initially thought he could be having a heart attack and thank God that was not the case. After looking back over the last few months mom believes this has happened before on a less severe level. His Chief Frankie and I were the first to see him once he was in the ER. He was not doing well at all. And 3 days later is still not 100%. They plan on getting him in to an ENT and doing further testing. Currently he is grounded from flying with the military. I hate it for him bc he loves it so much. But his health is more important. 

I handle stressful situations very well I have discovered. When I am in the middle of the craziness I do very well. But, that night once I was home and in bed, it was a different story. Trying to process the day and everything that had just happened and could of happened flooded over me. Once again I realized how short life is and how blessed we are to have today. It could all be gone in an instant. 

My family is beyond blessed to have Leemo in our lives. He has added so much life and love to us. He is funny, strong, brave, loving, kind, sweet, caring, gracious, handsome and an amazing father and husband. I couldn’t ask for a better “step” dad. He’s more then that, he is my dad. He is our dad. Love him. 

Don’t take your family for granted. Show them love today. Right now. Go do it.


Travelin’ Tiffany



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