Atlanta-A Travel Blog

I took a short little trip up to Atlanta on Sunday with my friend VML. She is from there and had to get some things done for an upcoming trip she is taking and I decided to see some friends and family while I was there. After dropping her off I went to Whole Foods to grab lunch and went downtown to Centennial Park. It was a beautiful day to eat in the park and people watch. Never a dull moment people watching. I then headed over to Passion City Church where Louis Giglio is the pastor. I hadn’t been since their very first service at the Tabernacle in 2009. It was amazing and God moved. I love going to churches where the Spirit is alive and well and moving. My friend Brian from Savannah lives up that way now and he met me for church and dinner. We enjoyed some great food and conversation. Always a blessing connecting with old friends. I stayed up in Cumming with my Aunt and Uncle and 2 year old cousin Annika. I got to babysit her on Monday. What a fun time we had! I love how sweet she is becoming and seeing her grow is just a joy. Things change all the time and she is getting so big! It’s always a great time visiting with them. VML and I headed back late last night and had great friend talks on the ride. Thankful for her and her friendship. Thankful for my life and all that God is doing. Blessed.


Travelin’ Tiffany



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