The Struggle is…necessary

I couldn’t have said it better! Thank you, Jovanna!

Joyfully Jo's Blog

   “If you have a beautiful story, it has to have conflict. If you don’t have conflict, it cant be a good story” Donald Miller

  Sometimes I wonder what exactly the point is. There is no doubt that life is not supposed to be easy but I would bet that each of us have had a “Its not supposed to be like this moment”. Each of us have hit the ground so hard it left us breathless and wondered why. Why am I getting tossed around? Why is this not working? There is an assumption that surely it stops. The heartache, disappointment, trials it all has to end somewhere. The thing is I have come to the point in my life where I truly believe the quote above. There has to be conflict. The struggle is necessary. As I chase the thread of my life and look at my…

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