Believe The Best

A few years ago I lost a best friend. It’s a crazy story you probably wouldn’t even believe. It broke my heart. Still hurts when I think about it. Tonight at church we were talking about 1 Corinthians 13. Many of you know it as the love chapter. But, the pastor wasn’t focusing just on marriages or dating but all kinds of relationships. It really spoke to me. 

In every relationship there is a gap between expectations and behavior. In every one of these gaps, every time, we can only choose one of two things: To assume the worst or to assume the best. You cannot have happy relationships unless you become a person who chooses to believe the best in people you’re in a relationship with.  

~Dave Allgire

When I think back on the many relationships/friendships I have had in my life and I survey the ones that I have lost, many things come to mind. I pride myself on the fact that I usually do think the best of people. I see potential, I see the better them, I see the good they could bring to many lives if they would just realize it themselves. But this also has gotten me into a lot of situations that left me in a million pieces and all alone (with God of course) trying to put myself back together. So I find myself at this crossroad. When is enough, enough? Jesus said to forgive 70×7. My heart hurts for the many relationships I have lost. Maybe I am wishing the same grace would be shown to me as I have shown to so many. Maybe I am secretly wishing that my best friend would see my heart and know how much I cared and loved and wanted nothing but the best. But, I can’t change those things. All I can do is hope and pray that their hearts will be moved and they will know the truth one day. Until then I just need to continue to be the best me. To love, forgive, see the best, motivate, encourage, and never give up hope. God is control and as long as I am doing what is right the rest will fall into place just how it should. I, by no means am perfect. I have done plenty wrong to those that I am close with. I have hurt, I have been careless, I have been that girl. I have chosen to think the worst when I should of thought the best. But, I know one day it will all make sense. All the questions we have will be answered. And tonight I am thankful for those who have seen the best in me, who have loved me when I was unlovable, and who have shown me endless grace. My prayer is that I can be just as gracious in return. 


Travelin’ Tiffany 





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