Savannah- A staycation

My best friend from KY turned 30 in March so I got her a ticket to Savannah for the weekend. We have traveled quite a bit together and do it well. I love when people come to visit bc there is always so much to show them and do. Saturday night we ended up at the Cafe at City Market for pizza and a GA peach Sangria. Yum! It was a great night out. Sunday we got up early and headed to the beach. We stayed all day! It was perfect and relaxing. Something we had both really needed. We had a lot to catch up on and it was great. Sunday night we grabbed dinner at B and D Burgers and then went to church. Livin’ it up! Lol Afterwards we headed to Lulu’s Chocolate bar for some peanut butter Martinis and fondue. Yum! We got up early Monday and went to brunch at Huey’s and headed back to the beach. It was kinda overcast and cool but we waited it out and it ended up being a great day! We had dinner at AJ’s and then headed home. We showered and decided to watch the video from our jr/sr spring break in Daytona in 2001. We laughed a lot! We had met two guys and they sent us a video from Vegas where they are from and ended up watching that too. It was great to remember some good times we have spent together. Tuesday we got up early again and had brunch at The Funky Brunch and went back to Tybee for a couple hours. It was awesome. She had to leave around 2:30. But I am so thankful for her, our friendship, and a great weekend together in my own city! Look forward to the next adventure with her. Love you, Jess!

Travelin’ Tiffany





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