Heaven Is Here Now

As I was driving home tonight with the windows rolled down and my praise music playing this song came on, “Heaven is here now.” I love the words to this song.

Heaven is Here Now

In Heaven there’ll be perfect peace

There’ll be joy in the streets and

Every mouth will be singing your praise

There’ll no sorrow at all

We will be free from every chain

And our bodies will be whole again

And Your church will be one

Spotless beautiful bride

For your Glory

We’ll see Your Glory

Heaven is Here now

Your Spirit is here now

Lord we believe it, We’ve started to see it

Your Kingdom come

Lord come and Reign here

Come have Your way here​

Establish your rule, Come take the throne

Your Kingdom come

Take all I am Lord use me for Your Glory

Take all I am Lord use me for Your Glory

I’m not my own

I belong to the King.

I love every word to this but the part that stuck out to me the most tonight was, “In Heaven there’ll be perfect peace.” I just love that and I’ll be clinging to it as I fall asleep tonight. Longing for heaven and perfect peace.

Travelin’ Tiffany


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