My Mama

Today is Mother’s Day and I want to take a minute to celebrate my mama. 

She is amazing. There is never a dull moment and she always makes me laugh. She can drive me crazy as any mother can but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. She has taught me so much. She showed me Jesus and how important he is to have in my life. She showed me strength and taught me to never give up. She showed me love and how to do it unconditionally. She has been my shoulder to cry on more times then I can count. She has been my friend when a friend is all I have needed. She has been my rock when I couldn’t hold myself up. She has been my sounding board when all I needed was someone to listen. She has told me when I am wrong and she has praised me when I am right. She has encouraged me and always guided me on the right paths. She has always had my best interest in mind even when I didn’t see it. She has held me when my heart has been broken and she has supported me through all the good and the bad. 

I am blessed. I am thankful. I have the best mom a girl could ever ask for. Today, I celebrate her and I hope she knows everyday that she is loved. 

Travelin’ Tiffany




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