Missing Out? I Don’t Think So.

I have said it often and many of you may have heard me say it. But, I often say that I don’t want to miss out anything in life. And last week someone asked me if I ever thought I was missing out on things bc I am not in a relationship or I run from them etc. This was a pretty good question. But when it comes right down to it, no, I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything bc I am not in a relationship. I feel like when the time is right for me, I will stop “running” or I will stop having that feeling in my gut that “this isn’t right.” Make sense? I have met some pretty amazing people that I could of dated or stayed with and nothing that we were doing was wrong or questionable, it was just a feeling in my gut telling me NO. It has always been so loud and clear. Now, there are plenty of times when I have ignored this voice and done my own thing and gone against the Holy Spirit and everything I have believed in too. But, I am learning and I am growing and I know what’s right and wrong and I know when the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. It’s just up to me what I do with that. Do I listen or do I do my own thing? That’s the hardest part. Our flesh is SO weak. We want to give in to what feels good and what satisfies us RIGHT now. We don’t want to wait. Oh, but it’s so much sweeter to wait. I received this devo email today and it described me perfectly and where I am. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading today and don’t ignore that gut feeling. 


Do you ever feel an inner “alarm” going off when you know you shouldn’t be doing something? As soon as we feel that uneasiness, we need to stop and evaluate what’s going on. Too often, people override that feeling thinking they’ll sort it out later, but then they have to deal with things that God could have saved them from. The time to respond is the time when you sense the alarm. You may be in the middle of a conversation and the alarm goes off. You know you’re supposed to walk away. Don’t ignore it. Or, you’re about to purchase something. You’re about to make some plans and you feel that check, that uneasiness, that alarm. That’s not random. That’s God talking to you. Pull back and see what God is saying.
If you will learn to listen, God can keep you from trouble. He can keep you from danger. Don’t ignore it and make life more difficult; instead, quickly obey. Follow His leading. Don’t override the alarms so you can partake of the blessing, favor and protection that God has prepared for you.-J.O.
*this is exactly what’s been going on in my life. I love how God shows up right when I need Him*


Travelin’ Tiffany

PS Arizona, Kentucky and Nashville blogs coming soon!


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