I’m Getting It

You won’t hear me say this too often but, my mom was right. She really was. Here I am at 31 years old confessing that for the world to see. I don’t like saying it and I would like to think I know it all and she is wrong. LOL But no- I am wrong. I still have so much growing up and learning to do it’s crazy! But, I can honestly say for the first time I can see things from my mom’s point of view. Being on the other side of difficult situations makes me see things the way my parents and siblings did. And am I ever grateful for getting out of those situations all together. I would also like to think that now that I am getting it I will do things differently. Sadly, I am sure that is not the case. But why is that? Why do we always have to learn things the hard way? Why are we so blinded by love and hate? So many times when I am in the middle of something and everyone close to me is warning me, I just get so defensive and defiant. I think I know everything and I think I am always in the right. And most of the time I am so wrong! I have learned in life we are the meanest to those that we are closest too. I don’t know what this is. Maybe bc we know they will always be there no matter what. Or we feel entitled and feel like we can get away with anything with those people. But, it’s not right. Even though we may not see eye to eye with our parents or siblings, at the end of the day they are the ones that are gonna be there for us and pick up the pieces of our broken lives. They will be the shoulders we cry on and the ones that will help to mend our hearts. It won’t be these loser guys (or girls) that we invested so much time and energy into, it won’t be these part time friends we think are the best ever, it won’t be the alcohol or the drugs or the partying. It will be those family who love us the most and will always be there for us. They see the good the bad the ugly. They see what we don’t see and they love us enough to help guide us in the right direction. I am so very thankful for these people in my life who love me and have invested in me. Even when I didn’t think they were right or I thought they were just being mean. I am still so very grateful for them. Without these people I wouldn’t be where I am. I am so blessed. God is so good. Don’t take these people for granted in your life. When no one is there-they will be. Promise.


Travelin’ Tiffany


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