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I love how God works. He knows just what we need before we do and I love that about Him. I was in need of some R and R and time with my family but little did I know how much they needed me too. My cousin and I are very close. A lot a like in many ways it’s almost scary. We were both married too young around the same time to two different idiots and divorced not far apart too. She ended up with loser #2 while I just kept dating them and not committing. She has 2 precious kiddos that I love with all of my heart. We have both learned and grown so much through our painful life experiences and as hard as they were we are both better people for them. We still have a long way to go but by God’s grace we will get there! She was kid free this weekend so it was nice to just spend time with her and chat about life and where we are and what’s been going on. We got to shop some and get our hair done which is always a treat for me. HA Spending time with her made me realize how much I have grown and how thankful I am for that. I see so much of myself in her and it’s really weird. I kinda get how my parents feel sometimes when you see someone acting and feeling very similar to yourself. I love my family with my whole heart and I sometimes wish I could just make everything better in an instant. I wish I could take away the hurt, the pain, the confusion and just give them love and clarity. Life is just hard sometimes but we need the hard to make us better. I love being there for people and encouraging them and making them smile. I truly enjoy being the hands and feet of Jesus in every way possible. It’s such an amazing feeling.

I got to see the kids at church on Sunday and Peyton just LOVES me and I so enjoy it. She wants me to tag along in every little thing and it warms my heart. I got to hangout with them Sunday night and all day Monday and they are just a true joy. Josiah is so loving and sweet and Peyton is just a precious little girl. So grown up for her age. It breaks my heart to see them hurt in any way but when they are happy and playing and smiling it’s just the best feeling. I wish I could protect their innocence forever. 

Paragould is a quiet, little town in nowhere Arkansas but it is beautiful and peaceful and the perfect getaway from my crazy world. I wouldn’t change a thing. 


Travelin’ Tiffany










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