One of my favorite guests were in yesterday, Jessica, and she is turning 30 in the next few months. We have talked many times about getting older and how she is just scared about how fast time is passing. I honestly had never looked at it that way. When I think about how fast time is going I think it’s crazy and just not possible. But, I have never been scared. It gave me a unique perspective when I was listening to her view on it. She sent me this blog link,, and it opened my eyes in a lot of ways. I had thought a lot about most of these things before but to hear them from a lot of other people who are older, wiser, and more experienced it made me think. It makes me want to be even more intentional about my life and the way I live it. I encourage you all to read the article and let me know your thoughts. I will share a few of the thoughts that stuck out to me. 

#3 Don’t spend time with people who don’t treat you well. 

Oh, how I wish I could of learned this much earlier in life. I am a people pleaser, a fixer, and a peacemaker. With each passing year, I am getting less concerned with those people around me who treat me like a doormat. I used to want everyones approval and friendship and now I realize that less is better. I have more time to focus on those people who invest in me and want to be a part of my life. I have begun to really weed out those people who just drag me down and don’t add good to my life. I am much happier this way!

#6 Don’t be afraid of taking risks, you can still change

I love this one! I feel like this is an ongoing process. I want to always be growing, changing, and evolving into a better version of myself. I am a risk taker when it comes to certain things but then in other areas of my life where I am most comfortable I get stagnant and afraid and I run far from any change or risk that could be involved. But, lately I have been dreaming and hoping for more and I know that involves risks. I am excited to see what happens this year when I step out in faith. BIG THINGS are coming!

#10 Be kind to yourself, respect yourself 

This is honestly one of the hardest things in the world for me. I am so focused on everyone and everything else that I often forget about me. I am really hard on myself and can really be mean to me. I don’t know when it happened or even how it happened but in recent years I have learned this about myself. I have to be very intentional about taking care of myself.  Whether that be alone time, treating myself to a mani/pedi, or a night on the couch, or an evening with a  friends. It could mean encouraging myself or accepting a compliment which is really hard for me to do. But, this has always been a challenge. But, once I realized it, I realized the damage I was causing myself. How can I serve others and be the best I can be for them if I am leaving myself empty?


I hope this article encourages you, challenges you, and makes you think about being more intentional. 

Go out there and be kick ass!


Travelin’ Tiffany


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