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Back again with some fun Nashville stuff! My older sister Pam and I drove up from Savannah last Wednesday morning to see our younger sister Kayla. Always a fun time when we get together but it’s never long enough. We immediately went to Serenity Nail Spa and had our manicures and pedicures! What a fun sister thing to do. Highly recommend this salon. It’s quiet, clean, and you get wine! Yes, please! After this we went to a few boutiques downtown. We went to the Impeccable Pig and Festivity. Very cool spots. This is always fun bc every city has their own unique style. We headed over to East Nashville for dinner at Lockeland Table. It was a neat little find and the apps for happy hour were amazing. Dinner, not so much to be honest. I was very disappointed. My gnocchi was just so so and my Pam’s spaghetti was yuck! LOL Kayla’s shepherd pie had to much cheese and was watered down. I actually liked it but I had never had it before so I didn’t have anything to compare it too. Anyways, I might give it another shot. But, it was my first time to East Nashville and it’s really cute! Very up and coming and a fun place to explore in the future. After dinner we headed over to Jeni’s Ice Cream. This place is amazing. Jeni’s actually originated in Columbus, OH and then she branched out to Nashville. Definitely another must try! We ended the night taking Landon to the airport and watching DVR at Kayla’s. Thursday morning we had brunch at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant in downtown Nashville. They served an awesome breakfast and was very reasonably priced. A much try. So blessed to have a sister who lives in a great city like Nashville. There is always something new to see and check out and it’s always a blast. If you haven’t been, GO! It’s not all about country music. There is so much character and food and sites to see. Don’t miss out!


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