Travelin’ Tiffany

I want to first give credit to where credit is due. I am not sure when exactly I got the name “Travelin’ Tiffany but a good friend of mine named Eric Horn gave it to me. I fell in love with how catchy it was and it just stuck from then on. When I first started my blog and tagging myself as “Travelin’ Tiffany, it took on a totally different meaning then it does to me now. It started out as just a nickname for me bc I travel all the time. Eric always says I am vacationing in Savannah and living everywhere else bc I am NEVER in Savannah longer then a 2 weeks at a time. I am not sure how this all started but before ya know it he was right! I am always somewhere other then Savannah. As time has gone on my nickname has become more to me then that. It’s actually something I take seriously and take ownership of. Not only do I enjoy writing about my travels and sharing my adventures with you but “Travelin’ Tiffany” has become a way of life for me. I am traveling through this life one day at a time trying to do the best I can and growing in the process. I am on a journey that involves all of you and for that I am thankful. You guys have seen me at some highs and have seen me at some lows and have seen me at all the in betweens. I love sharing my adventures and my journey with you. I take pride in the fact that “Travelin’ Tiffany” goes way beyond my weekend excursions to San Fran, Kentucky, Asheville, Clearwater, Atlanta, Nashville, Paragould, Boston or wherever my next adventure might be. “Travelin’ Tiffany” is a piece of my heart that I give to you every time I sit behind this laptop and write. It’s my story. It’s my happy. It’s my sad. It’s my confusion. It’s my doubt. It’s my excitement. It’s my dreams. It’s my travels. It’s my desires. You, my friends, get to see it all. So thank you for being apart of “Travelin’ Tiffany.” I hope that you share it with friends and family. My prayer and desire is that “Travelin’ Tiffany” can reach all kinds of people, all over the world, in different places in live, on their own journeys of adventure. I hope I can see into their hearts as much as they see into mine. Travel on.


Travelin’ Tiffany




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